June 5, 2022

How to add link in bio on Instagram or TikTok

Foyer allows you to combine all your links into one link in bio.

Popular social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok only allow for one link in bio, which at first might seem like a problem. Luckily, one of Foyer's most popular use cases is its ability to easily create a mini website that can include all your links in one simple page that you can add to your Instagram or TikTok profile as a link in bio.

What is a link in bio, you ask? Well, as the name suggests, it's a link that appears in the bio section of your Instagram or TikTok profile. The issue is that most social media platforms only allow you to add 1 link to your bio section and any links that you put directly within post captions are not clickable. This is where Foyer comes in. You can easily create a beautiful landing page that will contain all your links and your social profiles.

The beauty of having your Foyer page link in your Instagram or TikTok bio is that you just have to set it once and forget. Any edits to your Foyer page, its look and feel or links can be done directly on Foyer and you no longer need to keep changing your profile link in bio.

Follow the steps below to add a link to your Instagram bio:

1. Create a Foyer page

Start off by creating an account on Foyer and setting up your Foyer page.

Click on the Copy Link button within the My Page section. This will either copy your Foyer link to your clipbaord (desktop), or bring up sharing options (mobile).

3. Edit your Instagram or TikTok profile

On Instagran, go to your Instagram profile and tap on "Edit Profile" button. On TikTok, go to your profile, tap "Edit Profile".

Paste the link of your Foyer page into the Website field.

5. Save your changes

Tap on Done and that's it! Your bio will now contain your Foyer page link.

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