June 5, 2022

How to Add a Website to Tiktok. Everything You Need to Know

How to add a website to TikTok

Among the social media apps, Tiktok is now one of the best and easiest ways to advertise yourself globally. It is the most convenient way to connect with your audience without needing too much preparation to be able to publish a video. With the added function of being able to add a website to your bio now, without a doubt, Tiktok has risen from just being a fun platform to being a strategically good marketing strategy.

If you want to know everything you need to know about how to add a website to TikTok, then continue reading!

It's not impossible to add a website link to your bio without a business account. You can undoubtedly add links to your personal account's bio, but only your Youtube and Instagram profiles will be clickable. You can still type out your website link in your personal profile, but your audience would need to type it out to access it.

And who has the time to type out a website’s full URL these days, right?

For serious advertising of your brand or business, turning your account into a business account is highly recommended.

So, what is a business account?

I know the phrase “Business account” sounds daunting, but don’t let this intimidate you. The only difference between a personal account and a business one is that the latter is optimized for promoting your business. There are both good sides and downsides to both. But! The good news is, even if you turn your account into a business account, you can still turn it back into a personal one anytime you want to!

Later on, I’ll talk more about the pros and cons of personal and Tiktok business accounts.

How To Turn Your Account into a Business Account

Open your Tiktok application and follow these simple steps to take the first step in knowing how to add a website to Tiktok.

Tap the profile tab in the app Tap the top-right icon “ ≡ ” to open the menu Tap Settings and privacy Click “Manage Account” Click “Switch to Business Account”

You can choose which category suits your personal brand or business. And just like that, your account is now a business one!

Now that you have a business account, it’s now possible for you to add a clickable link to your website. Here are the steps you need to follow:

On the bottom right, click your profile tab Select “Edit Profile” Tap “Website” Type in or paste your URL and click save

How to Turn Back Business Account Into a Personal Account

You can always turn back your account into a personal one whenever you need to. Just follow the steps you did to change your account into a business one. When you click the “Manage Account,” you’ll be able to see the “Switch to Personal Account” option this time. Tap that option, and you’re now back to your original set-up.

Take note

Once you return to your personal account, your link will also be gone from your bio. Think wisely about which of the two versions suits you.

Personal Tiktok Account VS Business Account

At this point, you’re probably thinking about which one would fit you best. You can always switch between two accounts, but to be honest, not having to change every hour will save most of us the added trouble.

So, I listed the cons and pros of the two accounts for you to find out which pros you’d prefer over the other.

Personal Account

If you don’t have any business or branding to promote, this account is most likely the best for you. A personal account is the best option for content creators who just want to have fun. If you don’t mind the number of likes and impressions your video makes, definitely go for this one.


You can use every music in Tiktok, even monetized ones.

You get a more simple view of the app without all the analytics options.

Being able to use popular songs means it’s easier to get viral.


You can’t add a clickable link and an email address to your profile.

You won’t be able to see the analytics and data of your videos.

Business Account

Business accounts are optimized for users who want to earn money and are willing to spend money on the app. You can better adjust your content to fit your target market with more data to study and more numbers to work with.


You can add a clickable website link in your bio.

You can add an email address in your bio.

You get more analytic data for each of your videos.


You will have limited music choices.

May content creators find it hard to go viral with less-known music.

There are really no “right” or “wrong” accounts for you. As you can see, both have their pros and cons, which can or may not improve your business. Although a “Business Account” is optimized for businesses, we must also remember that most viral videos become viral because of the music. With the option to use the most popular song choices gone, it might be harder to reach audiences, depending on your current popularity standing.

So, think of your own strengths and weaknesses and choose wisely!

There is no required minimum number of followers to turn your Tiktok into a business one. Even if you recently made your account and have zero followings, this won’t affect your freedom to change accounts on the platform.

Should I turn my Tiktok account into a business account?

The answer to this depends on what kind of content creator you are. If you enjoy dancing to viral music, the business account might not be for you, as monetized songs are prohibited for business accounts usage.

If you can’t add a link to your Tiktok account, you might be on your personal account or using your computer browser. Only business accounts can add links to their Tiktok bio and, you can only add clickable links using the mobile app.

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